Marie Kondo Method for Bookmarking

A Proactive Minimalism That Sparks Joy

By Steve
March 30, 2023
Marie Kondo Method for Bookmarking

In December 2010, Marie Kondo published “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up.”

The book was an introduction to decluttering things in a way to “spark joy” (no pun intended).


Initially, it was about organizing your closet. But after the Netflix version of “Tidying up," the KonMari method became truly popular.

These days, Marie Kondo herself calls this method applicable to a lot of different aspects. Books, Papers, and sentimental items are a few examples.

We think a person's digital life needs decluttering the most. The reason is the excess flow of information that sometimes drains the energy for other useful things.

We made this guide to help people organize their digital life via the KonMari method.

Understanding the KonMari Method

The already available information regarding the KonMari method is appropriate but overwhelming.

Therefore, we are starting with some foundational knowledge in simpler terms.

Here are the steps involved.

Committing to tidying up is the foundation. This is the first and the most important step to commit to tidying up and decluttering.

It's important to realize that you must set aside time and mental energy. Also, understanding that the process and the results take time is a part of the commitment.

Imagine an ideal lifestyle. This is the 2nd step. Before starting, it's important to consider what an ideal lifestyle looks like.

Writing your ideal style down rather than just imagining it is even better. But regardless of the method, you would have an idea of things you truly need and others you can discard.

First, Discard, then organize. KonMari contrasts the traditional method of management, which puts the organization ahead of discarding.

The KonMari method involves discarding items first, then organizing the remaining items.

You would then know the things you’re dealing with. Eventually, the process of organization would become a lot easier.

Organize by Categories. This step is the main theme of the KonMari method. It involves tidying items by categories. The categories could be for anything like clothes, books, and papers.

Let's say you want to organize your shirts and pants. The categorization would be to divide pants into casual and formal ones. The same applies to the shirts.

KonMari also considers categorization a way of tracking progress.

Following the order. All items, In each category should follow a particular order.

For example, when tidying clothes, start with shirts, then pants and a blazer. Also, keep accessories separate from basics.

Only keep those things that Spark Joy. Spark Joy has become an identity mark for Marie Kondo.

But it’s also an important principle of the KonMari method.

It's practical because if anything doesn't bring joy or value, discard it. It's that simple.

KonMari Method and Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism has a whole new world. However, it unknowingly takes inspiration from the KonMari Method.

Cal Newport, the author of one of the biggest books on Digital Minimalism, also mentions things abiding by the KonMari method.

So, in this section, we’ll cover the KonMari method to cover the digital or the internet aspect of your life.

Start by Defining the Core Values of Your Digital Life

We hope you're already committed to making a change (the first step in the KonMari method).

The next thing to define is the core values of your digital life. In the KonMari method, these could be the things that "bring joy and value."

Ask yourself questions like "Does scrolling Twitter bring any value to my life." Or "Merely reading success stories on Linkedin is useful?

By asking these questions, you are both idealizing things and scrutinizing yourself.

It would help to abide by the first two steps of the KonMari method (mentioned above).

Categorize Things

Categorizing things is probably the most important part of a well-off digital life.

It helps in organizing the websites you visit and managing your time.

Superdense would come into play here. You can sign up and get your personal dashboard with quick links to the sites you visit the most. It's like a browser bar on steroids, one beautiful page with the favicons of your bookmarks, working in all browsers on all devices.

Now use this bookmark manager as your browser’s start page. Make categories of things based on their core values. Categories can be writing tools, analytics, stock photo resources, dev tools, streaming platforms, finance, reading etc.

You can even share your personal bookmark dashboard publicly with others or make it password protected for just a small group of friends or coworkers.

Discarding the Digital Media

Discarding digital life doesn't work as it works with your clothes. Like you can't wake up one day and stop using Twitter or YouTube. Instead, discarding digital media means minimizing things that take unnecessary time.

Also, unlike the KonMari method of physical things, discarding digital media is gradual. Limiting your time usage is one easy way to gradually discard. Taking a break from all the optional technology for seven days is the other way. You can even identify technology triggers using web time trackers.

Lastly, organizing things in your digital life doesn't mean discarding every fun thing.

It’s again about going with those values that bring joy.

The Order of Things and Creating a System

Now we've categorized things; it's time to put things in order and create a system.

This means you should actively avoid things that waste your energy and time.

Give preference to apps and websites that bring value to your life. And use those quick dopamine-giving pathways only to relax.

Once you build a habit, you have practically built your system of working.

After developing this system, be more intentional about things.

Don't consider the internet your whole life; experience the real world too.

Closing Thoughts

We think that there are various ways to have a balanced digital life.

Two examples are identifying the "Efficiency Disorder Principle" and using the "Pareto Principle."

Using the KonMari method is an addition to this series of blog posts to have a minimal yet happy digital life.

Hopefully, this will help you.

Happy Bookmarking!