The Pareto Principle for Bookmark Management

The famous 80/20 rule for productivity

By Steve
February 9, 2023
The Pareto Principle for Bookmark Management

If you’re a productivity lurker, no matter what you do, you’ll somehow come across the Pareto Principle. 

It's that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. And by identifying, prioritizing, and focusing on what's important, you can enjoy highly productive outcomes. 

At Superdense, we focus on efficient bookmark management and spending your online time properly. So, here's an interesting concept. 

The websites you visit 80% of the time could be managed by roughly 20% of your efforts. 

Sounds Unique, Interesting, or Crazy? Let's discuss this in detail to make it work for you. 

Understanding Pareto Principle: It’s Almost Everywhere

Vilfredo Pareto was a famous economist who came up with this 80/20 rule. Initially, it was an observational theory based on the idea that 20% of people in his homeland Italy own 80% of the land. 

This idea may sound rudimentary now, but People like Dr. Joseph M. Muran introduced Pareto Principle to things like Quality Control. 

Shortly, the Pareto Principle became universal and applied to almost every aspect of life. 

Now you can think of anything around you from business to time management, public relations, etc., and somehow, this rule will work there. 

There are hundreds of examples of applying the Pareto Principle to different aspects of life.

And it's not like there is always this fixed ratio of 80/20. The variable can change, but the idea would be the same. 

It would be that “the small amount of rightful effort brings a big percentage of great results".

What’s in the Pareto Principle for You? 

The idea might appear simple; everyone probably knows about it but aren’t aware of it. 

It's the active realization that gives you a better opportunity to think and understand your potential. 

Then, you can focus on identifying the correct steps that bring more results. For example, you're working hard but aren't getting the desired results. 

Maybe you're unaware of what that golden 20% is, where you need to put in the minimum effort. Or maybe you need 80% of your effort to get the rest of the 20%. 

It’s the egalitarian approach to productivity that can negatively impact you and hold you back. So, explore different aspects, prioritize things, and move accordingly. 

Also, don't fall into the trap of “Toxic Productivity." It's that you just plan and don't actually work. Remember, 20% thinking, 80% of the work. 

Lastly, classifying things in an 80/20 doesn’t mean one thing is unimportant. You are doing things in a relative order for better outcomes. 

The Internet, Productivity, and Pareto Principle

Sure, we’ll browse the internet while we work. And it doesn’t take much effort to pick up your phone and start going through the Reels and Shorts. 

As soon as you realize you’re not productively working anymore, some time has already been wasted. Sometimes, it’s become a vicious cycle that goes on.

The point I want to make is that being continuously productive on the internet, or in general, isn't an easy thing anymore.  

Things like Pomodoro Technique and overcoming Efficiency Disorder Syndrome are helpful. But the Pareto Principle also offers a great deal on being productive. 

Here’s how. 

Spend 20% of the time on 80% Boring Things

Figured out that those things you do aren't going to level up your skills. They don't necessarily need to be 80%, but for the sake of the Pareto Principle, consider them 80. 

Then, give 20% of your time to 80% of things, but be on top of your productivity game. 

This way, you'll have 80% of your time on time to influence your life. And even if you lose your grip on being productive, you have 80% of the time to make a difference. 

With more time on your hand, you'll save yourself from productivity burnout. 

Spend 20% of Time learning things and 80% Implementing them 

Undoubtedly, the internet is the biggest source to develop and learn new skills. And when it comes to hobbies, nobody wants to do these as a duty. 

But the thing about learning is that you learn by practicing

Therefore, it's important to prioritize your time so that you only spend 20% on learning and 80% on practicing. 

You can apply this to anything from taking competitive exams to learning a new language, playing instruments, and starting a business. 

So, not just understand the Pareto principle and implement it. 

Spend 20% Accessing Websites you Spend 80% of your time On

It's an observational hypothesis that most people open a specific set of links as soon as they start their browser. 

For some, it's their project management system, others log in to their website dashboard, and some just browse Reddit. 

It's a routine some people enjoy but wastes a lot of time. So, the Pareto Principle comes into application. 

Develop a system that saves you from the hassle of opening each website separately. Instead, spend 20% (or the minimum) of your time here. 

I recommend bookmarking your most used websites and then opening those. 

Superdense goes one step ahead. We have a quick launch dashboard that displays all the bookmarked links you'll ever need. 

You can create categories, set up wallpapers, make them personalized and even share them with your team.

So, as you open your browser, start with the Superdense dashboard, which will save 80% of your time going through links. 

The Takeaway

Pareto Principle can be fun, but it's more of a productivity principle that can improve your life. 

So, don't let 20% of the negative thoughts damage your 80% of motivation. Work hard, be productive, and keep bookmarking