7 Superdense Alternatives to Manage Bookmarks

Perhaps Superdense is the best option. But here are some alternatives to consider!

By Steve
March 10, 2021
7 Superdense Alternatives to Manage Bookmarks

Halfway into a project, I realized that my PC was getting very laggy because of countless browser tabs that were kept open. At that point, the idea of using a bookmark manager sprang up. I quickly turned to the default browser bookmark manager and my PC, in turn, thanked me with incredible speed. The problem was solved, however, I felt some things were missing in that bookmark manager. Each time I attempted using it, I felt as if someone was punishing me to journey back in time when the web was just a new kid in town. My eyes have always been aesthetically inclined but the browser just didn't understand that, probably because computers are dumb, which left me disappointed. 

I began looking out for solutions to my problem and Superdense ended up to be the right tool for the job. However, in this post, I will be sharing with you some alternatives to the Superdense bookmark manager so you can also explore these options.


1.Cleanstart - This bookmark manager comes in handy when you want to save bookmarks on the web. The app leverages the default Google Chrome browser bookmark manager to help you manage your bookmarks. It comes with some fancy features like widgets and weather reports. The app allows you to save your bookmarks so that you can make reference to the saved items later. This app is only available as a Google Chrome extension though, making it less accessible on other devices or platforms.

Undoubtedly, the app serves as an alternative to Superdense but be sure to check the size of the extension too. Having more than 80Mb for a single extension is a kind of out of place in my opinion.  So go ahead and explore the app and see if it is a perfect fit for your use case.

iCloud Bookmarks

2. iCloud Bookmarks - The big players are in the bookmarking market too. This is another bookmarking alternative to Superdense. It helps you save bookmarks right in the browser using the Google Chrome browser extension. You can easily sync all your bookmarks on multiple devices (excluding Android of course, please don’t ask me why). 

This tool is free but doesn’t come with a happy meal (at least at the moment), it seems not to be given a lot of attention by its developers lately, probably because Apple is too busy working on their new M1 Macbooks. If you see Tim, tell him that their Chrome extension for bookmark management needs a serious revamp.


3. Pocket - You think your pocket was only meant for stashing your phone and some wrinkled dollar bills? Pocket said that you got it all wrong. This bookmark manager allows you to save articles, images, etc. Imagine going through an article and you don’t have all day to read it, Pocket makes it possible for you to save the article so you can access it whenever you are less busy. Your pockets will never run dry when using this app, and who said of dollar bills? I’m talking about web pages.

Like most bookmark managers out there in the wild, this tool allows you to sync your bookmarks across multiple devices. The pricing starts around $4.99 till your pocket runs dry (you guessed it). In my humble opinion, one thing they can improve though is the UI. So if you can spare that amount, it’s a fair Superdense alternative.

Now that you know the possibility of storing the internet in your pocket, how about emptying them right now and dropping the contents here in the comment section so you can have enough space to save your bookmarks there. Don’t sweat it again this time, I’m not interested in the money from your pocket, the car keys would do just fine (joke intended).


4. Larder - Upon visiting their homepage, the non-geeky audience will seek to give me their utmost blank stare of disappointment, I apologize for that but this handy tool is equally good. If you are not a developer, you may consider skipping this to look for other alternatives.

 The bookmark manager allows you to save bookmarks according to programming languages, interests, etc. Just like most bookmark managers, you have the option to sync bookmarks with all your devices so that you can have access to it even when you go out hiking or surfing the waters (pretend not to hear the surfing part). Overall, the app is great but I don’t like the way it’s chasing away the ‘non-tech savvy’. A cool app like that should have a version for those that don’t know where the ‘Terminal’ application is located on their PC. Their premium plan is $24/year.


5. Dropmark - As usual, this app lets you save content from different sources in the form of bookmarks. You can save images, websites, (you can also save the earth from aliens’ invasion right there in the app - will you?),  etc. Isn’t that cool? It gives you an option to set permissions on bookmarks so as to keep away hungry prying eyes from sneaking in to know what your private life is all about.

They have a free plan that will make you quench your curiosity and decide if they are worth your penny. Their paid plans start at $5 billed monthly. When it comes to platform support, it looks like android users will have to get an alternative solution. They also have browser extensions for the major browsers out there. Do look them up and give them a try if that interests you.

6. Ktab - The developers seem to know what it means to never let go of some browser tabs when browsing the internet, however, they realized that keeping those tabs open was taking a heavy toll on their RAM and that led them to roll out this Google Chrome extension. 

The app shows you all the tabs that are currently open and then gives you an option to bookmark each of those tabs. You can also add filters when saving bookmarks for easy search. Go ahead and check it out and see if it has all the solutions to your needs. However, this tool is only available as a Google Chrome extension hence does not support mobile devices. If you are a fan of mobile apps, perhaps you may have to look somewhere else.


7. Savory - Permit me to presumptuously tell you that name came from the two words save and story. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Savory is telling you to feel free and close those browser tabs that are married to your browser. They know you are probably going through a hard time deciding if closing a supposed important tab is the best thing to do in the world. With this tool, you save yourself from the headaches of PC memory lags and still have access to your web pages later.

The app allows you to add tags to aid the filtering of bookmarks. These bookmarks are stacked on top of each other according to the date of entry. They currently support only Google Chrome extensions, with the promise of extending to other platforms (heaven knows when). What bothers my eyes when using this app is the UI, which can greatly be improved.


If you have come this far, then kudos! We have explored some alternatives to the Superdense app for managing bookmarks, which you can try and see which one aligns with your normal day-to-day workflow.

Superdense is not like the regular bookmark managers out there, it completely takes a new approach to save bookmarks, and with the Chrome extension making it the best bookmark manager for Chrome. It is very compact - allowing you to view all your bookmarks in one place and yet super organized using categories and bookmarks are well structured. You only view bookmarks as icons instead of a long string of text.

The UI is extremely appealing to the eyes and would make you want to start saving bookmarks almost instantly. This app can be accessed from any device on the planet and not limited to a specific platform.

Not only can you create bookmarks on the fly, you can easily group them into collections, drag and drop the bookmarks (actually, the drag and drop is my favorite feature), etc.

You can save an unlimited number of bookmarks and collections using Superdense. You also get to choose what bookmarks go public and you can enjoy 100 days of free trial without any credit card commitment. With a little service fee, you can have access to all the hidden gems this tool offers. So if you got a few bucks that you can blow, go ahead and see that awesomeness for yourself.