How To Use Twitter Bookmarks

By Steve
January 24, 2023
How To Use Twitter Bookmarks

Ever since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter, a lot of things have changed. Many employees “supposedly” left, tweets started showing views, blue ticks became common, and so forth. 

All these changes were differently welcoming for everyone. But the thing that remained constant during all that twitter chaos, or popularity, is the Bookmarking. 

In fact, we believe that the number of people bookmarking their tweets ‘now’ is more than ever. 

In this guide, we’ll show you How to use Twitter Bookmarks. There is one standard traditional way, while the other one is more fun. 

And just so you know, Twitter “Lists” are different from a Twitter Bookmark or saved Tweets. 

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks: The Standard Way

There is no rocket science here. Just have to follow the instructions correctly, and you’ll be good to go.

Also, there might be a variation in Bookmarking a tweet on Twitter Web vs. the app. Therefore, we’ll mention these separately. 

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks: The Web vs. The App

Step 1: Go to and open the tweet you want to Bookmark.

Step 2: Tap the “Share” icon at the Bottom Right Corner of the Tweet. 

Step 3: Click the Bookmark option (last one the list), after you tap the share button. 

Step 4: Clicking this bookmark icon will save the bookmark for you. You can access this Bookmark via the icon on the left of your screen. 

Bookmarking the tweet in the “Twitter App” is almost the same as the web. Only here, you’ll only see a slightly different interface with the same tweet options. Plus, tweet sharing options are the same for both Android and IOS. 

Pros and Cons of Using Standard Twitter Bookmarks


Easy Usability: With just a click, you can bookmark a Tweet. And not only that, the access is pretty easy, again with just a simple click.

Availability across all devices: With a built-in bookmarking system, the tweet you bookmark on one device are accessible on all others. 

Control over Bookmarks: The Bookmarks are easy to remove as well. You can either remove the individual bookmark or all the bookmarks at once. 


Little to no customization: Twitter offers a range of content, varying all the way from news to motivational thread and dank memes. 

And the standard bookmarking doesn’t allow the categorization of tweets. You might lose important tweets among the sea of other standard ones. 

So, not able to arrange your tweets is a major drawback for the built-in twitter bookmarks. 

Not made for productive people: The standard twitter bookmarks need to cover masses. And we know most people use twitter for fun -just like any social media platform. 

So, anyone keeping fun and productivity side-by-side can’t benefit from the standard twitter tweet bookmarks. 

Therefore, we recommend other bookmark applications to the best use of twitter bookmarks. 

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks: The Fun Way

These days, many bots, browser extensions and mobile apps allow bookmarking and customizing your tweets in the easiest way possible. 

You can save the whole twitter threads, create tags, folders, lists and what not. Here are some of the great options to use twitter bookmarks in creative ways. 

MarkFolder -Browser Extension to use Twitter Bookmarks

As indicated by the name, MarkFolder allows you to create folders for your bookmarks. And you can save both individual tweets and threads.

Bookmarking Tweets with MarkFolder is as easy as sending as sending in a DM. Plus, you can share all of your bookmarked tweets publicly with anyone.

MarkFolder is best for people looking to keep their tweets organized to perfection. However, MarkFolder is only available for Chrome and Firefox, and not on Safari and Edge.

Tweet Catcher -Organize Tweets from your Phone

Those who use Twitter on their iPhone or Android device, TweetCatcher App is a great option to bookmarks twitter. 

The app has a catchy yet a straightforward interface. You can bookmark threads, create lists and make folders with the sample functionality as a computer browser.

Other options to Bookmark Tweets for Later use

TweetFlickAn interactive website and Chrome extension that allows users to add personalized notes to your tweets. 

Also, the TweetFlick’s cheery interface makes it stand out from the crowd. However, it's only available on Chrome. 

Plus, the free version has limited functionality and you have to pay $5 for the Pro version. 

DeweyDewey is another great way to bookmark your tweets. In addition to adding custom notes and tags, you can import your already saved bookmarks. 

Dewey is also free to use. However, you either use their website or the Chrome browser, if you want the extension. 

Using Bookmark manager to use Twitter Bookmarks 

If the twitter’s built in bookmarks seem “too-meh”, but third party tools are “too-much,” count on your existing bookmark manager for saving tweets. 

Just create a separate folder for your twitter bookmarks. Then bookmark your tweets like you bookmark any other website. 

The name of the bookmark can be a reference for the later use of that tweet. 

Those who use Superdense as their go-to bookmark manager, you can use it for bookmarking your tweets too. 


If you want to use Twitter Bookmarks, essentially there are two ways. The first is to use Twitter’s built-in bookmarking and use the tweets later. 

The other option is to rely on third party apps/browser extensions to use twitter bookmarks. You can see the additional benefits for customization and better functionality here. 

But if nothing works, you can use a bookmark manager to bookmark tweets.